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Probably the most famous sauce of Greek cuisine. Salsa made with yoghurt, garlic and cucumber, is widely used in Greek cooking as an accompaniment to many dishes, especially meat, and as a condiment in the "pita with gyros". Ingredients: 400 grams of light greek yogurt (great greek what that is commonly found in supermarkets) half a cucumber, peeled and grated 4-8 garlic cloves (according to taste), finely shredded lemon juice 2 small tablespoons extra virgin olive oil salt as needed Prepare all ingredients in advance. Put in a bowl the oil and the lemon juice, then slowly add the yogurt, making sure to fully merge it with the oil mix. Add garlic (to taste, if you want you can also roast the


The bread for itself in many ways in all regions of Italy. Irpinia this old recipe for bread soup Ingredients homemade bread, slightly stale about 300/400 gr a glass of extra virgin olive oil fennel or other vegetables chili pepper a clove of garlic one liter of water sale If you have some leftover homemade bread you can pick up in the country in non-polluted areas and not on the edge of the driveway, wild fennel, choosing the most tender parts. Coglietene enough (300g). Sauté garlic and oil in proportion to the amount 'of fennel and stale bread you want to use (2 tablespoons of oil per person, half a clove of garlic each). In the water in salted boiling cook about ten minutes possibly f


Ingredients: 1 frozen octopus balsamic vinegar oil garlic Preparation: To prepare the octopus started putting on a pot over high heat with the ' water and bring to a boil. Bake the octopus for 40 minutes over medium heat, after having salty water. After cooking, do not remove the polyp, but wait for the water to cool (this will prevent the polyp contraino muscles and this will remain soft). When the water has cooled take the polyp and taglietelo into small pieces and put in a container an abundant mixture of balsamic vinegar, oil (1 tablespoon) and garlic (2 cloves). The octopus is even better if you let it flavor in the fridge for a few hours.


Ingredients: 2 bunches of broccoli oil garlic chili pepper Preparation: To prepare the dough started putting on live fire a pot with l ' water and bring to a boil. Add salt the water and add the broccoli to the pot. At the same time in a pot prepare a sauce with extra virgin olive oil and garlic. When the broccoli are ready, drain and add to the mixture. Use the same water in which you cooked the broccoli for pasta, even adding us a little 'pepper. When the pasta is ready sauté for a few minutes in the pan with the broccoli (add more pepper according to your taste)


Ingredients: 1 disk of dough puff 500 gr. spinach 250 gr. ricotta Extra virgin olive oil to taste Sale q.b. Nutmeg to taste sesame Preparation: Thaw the spinach in a container mix them with the ricotta, salt and add the nutmeg. Cover a baking tray with baking paper, lie the pastry and pour the mixture of ricotta and spinach. Add the mixture over a generous amount of sesame. Fold the dough on the edges and bake at 180 ° C for 30-40 minutes. Measures: Your quiche with spinach and ricotta pasta will be ready when the edges begin to swell and browning and the scent will have invaded the kitchen. Ideas and variants: For a tasty variation can add to the mix some cubes of smoked cheese.


Ingredients: 1 pumpkin 2 onions qb dried tomatoes oil q.b sale chili pepper ginger to taste Preparation: Take a pumpkin, remove the peel and cut into cubes. In the same pan add the onions, dried tomatoes, salt, ginger, pepper and oil, let everything will bake and voila the recipe is ready!


Ingredients: green beans 1 garlic oil balsamic vinegar q.b. sale qb mint q.b pepe Preparation: Take the green beans and boil, at the same time prepared in a container by putting the garlic sauce, oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and mint. Add the green beans and the recipe is ready!


Remove the central torso and select the tufts eroding the smaller torsos with a knife (to make compatible the cooking time, because the first cook tops); wash and boil in salted water draining them when they are not fully cooked, and keep a little 'cooking water. Arrange in a large pan so that compose a layer not too thick. Stir in garlic, capers, pecorino and parmesan, a little olive oil and a little cooking water. On the surface, add a little 'of grated cheese, some cheese slices to cover, a little' sesame and breadcrumbs. Bake until they are golden brown on the surface. For a less tasty version does not use garlic, capers and pecorino.


Mushrooms pleurotis (commonly called: mumps or oyster mushrooms) . Rinse mushrooms and remove the woody part of the stem. Cut in two garlic (crush it better), add salt and lemon juice, and cook. the cooking time is not very long. If coprirte them produce lots of water: in this case the last 5 'high volume of fire to dry it. NB they are very well accompanied with chicken breast fillets cooked in the same way.


Fry slices of zucchini, and onions (separately, because cooking times are different). When they are golden deposit them in a flat bottom; add salt, Parmesan, eggs (two eggs for the proportion to a zucchini and fried onion), a tablespoon of flour (not essential), and if you like a bit 'ginger. Beat the eggs with everything and pour the hot oil content to make an omelet.


The chicken should be well gutted and washed If you hold especially to the consistency of the chicken broth put in cold water, otherwise if you want to give priority to the flavor of the meat put the chicken in boiling water. After 20 ' of about boiling, add 1 peeled potato (but only washed well with peel), 3 carrots, 2 onions, a nutmeg (or half), a small piece of ginger. After 30 ' celery. In about an hour should be ready (tested with a fork if it sinks easily into the meat and carrots).


They also go well the frozen spinach and in this case should be thawed or fresh, and one or the other cooked in salted water. Drain and add the chickpeas (chickpeas kept prepared from dry to soak at least 12 hours and then cooked for a long time in boiling water, or canned chickpeas), olive oil, a generous teaspoon ground coriander, mix well and cook for 7-8 minutes at the end add the pine nuts, and also wanting a little 'tomato sauce, but quast'ultima is not essential.


Cut the fennel into slices not too thin, add salt, olive oil and a bit 'of water, a pinch of nutmeg, and cook covered. Stir occasionally to prevent them from burning. Only at the end raise the fire to dry any cooking liquid. In a pan deposited fennel, mixing them with some pieces of mozzarella, slices and cover them with bread crumbs and put in the oven until the surface is golden brown.


Cut into large pieces Belgian chicory (possibly taking away the torsos if they are too large) and cook with salt, oil and plenty of nutmeg in a pot or pan. When cooked, deposit it in a pan, covering it with cheese (which should not be compressed), a bit 'of salt and nutmeg powder. In the oven for ten minutes. The proportions: 8 feet chicory for 3 people


Cook over pieces zucchini, onion and ginger, and other vegetables if you want (chicory, carrots, leeks) with salt and oil. When they cooked if the water is too large drain. Mix the chickpea flour to the vegetables, very humid but with a little water, until mixture is well aggregated, and if you need to add a little 'of salt and a little' oil. Make into balls and roll in bread crumbs, lay them on baking paper, or pan, or an aluminum pan on a bed of bread crumbs and put them in the oven for about 30 ', turning at least once.


In a pan put the salt cod with tomatoes cut into large pieces, hearty onion and chickpeas (also canned if you do not have time to prepare them), add olive oil, oregano and salt, and sprinkle with bread crumbs. Switch to the oven for about 30 '/ 40' over medium heat just in the last minute to raise the heat, so 'that on the surface the pot is a bit' toasted. Proportion: an equal amount between the cod and the outline.


Boil a small cabbage in salted water with 6/7 leaves (fresh if possible) bay. When the cabbage is boiled, remove it without throwing water where rice (300g for 3 people) is cooked. Separately fry garlic and oil: when the rice is ready, stir the cooked cabbage, garlic oil, rice, and stir. Season with pecorino.


Emptying of the average size of diameter zucchini; if they are too long, cut them in two. It is important that they are fresh (if you are old tend to become tough in the oven). Prepare a mixture with tuna, bread crumbs even days before sealing to soak a few minutes in hot water and then pressed to remove excess liquid (the amount of bread will be one and a half / double that of the tuna), a clove or less garlic into small pieces, two tablespoons of olive oil, capers, egg (not entirely necessary), parmesan cheese, add a little 'of salt (moderately because tuna and capers are tasty). If you do not want to use the tuna you can make a stuffing with bread soaked in water (you typically use the le


Boil the escarole (one foot just average for 3 people) in water with a little salt. Apart fry the garlic in the oil making only brown. When the escarole and 'cooked, drain well and mix with the garlic and oil already' ready; add: a spoonful of capers (or desalted, and in this case you have to boil the escarole in water with a little salt), or vinegar, and hot peppers. Cook slowly a few minutes to simmer, stirring.


Clean and boil in salted water of coral beans. Lightly brown garlic in a. When the beans are cooked coral metteterli in garlic and oil pan, add ripe tomatoes into large pieces and a cinnamon stick. Stir a few minutes on low heat (the tomatoes should not discard). Turn off and add fresh basil leaves.

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