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About me

We are what we eat: but eating can be fun and must not be frustration.

For a healthy, physical and mental development and for your sport performances, a balanced diet is crucial

My name is Irene Meliciani and I am a Nutrition Practitioner.

I have a PhD in Biochemistry from KIT (Karlsruhe) and a Master Degree in Nutrition and sport nutrition.

I became a nutritionist because too many people are struggling with poor physical and mental health not realising that there is a solution. It starts with the right nutrition programme for YOU. There is a solution and it’s personalised nutrition.

Balanced nutrition has been crucial in the most challenging stages of my studies to make my relationship with external events more harmonious, especially with the different experiences abroad I made (Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy). I basically gained in self-confidence to face new social, in work experiences and to learn new languages.

I am passionate about sport and nutrition. I practice soccer, trail running and swimrun at a very good level. I don't hesitate to try all sports to better understand your reality and to have fun. Thanks to that I learned to combine nutrition and sports, fundamental elements for a perfect success if you want to lose, maintain weight or if you want to face a sports competition.

Studies and Qualifications
Mastermind in Sports Nutrition - International certificate in sports nutrition
Certification in Advanced Sports Nutrition
Barça Innovation HUB Universitas
Master in Nutrition and Dietetics/Sport Nutrition
Nutrition and general dietetics, Diet Therapy, Sport
Nutrition, Child Nutrition, Nutrition for the elderly
Universidad Nebrija, Madrid 
PhD in Biochemistry
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Postgraduate Masters degree course in Genomics Biotechnology
Università degli studi di Roma 1 ‘La Sapienza’
Undergraduate Degree in Biotechnology
Università degli studi di Roma ‘Tor Vergata’
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