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The Andalusian gazpacho is the most famous of all, but there are different recipes for this Spanish cold soup, also excellent for health.

Recipe yummy and easy!


  • 300 g of tomatoes

  • half a lemon

  • half garlic

  • 1 small cucumber

  • 1 tablespoon oil Ages

  • sale e pepe q.b.

  • 1 couple of drops of Tabasco

  • fresh parsley to taste

  • a pinch of fennel seeds


To prepare the simple gazpacho start peeling the tomatoes, remove the seeds and blend the pulp. Cut the cucumber and add it to whip together with tomatoes. In a bowl emulsify the oil with the lemon juice filtered through a sieve, a pinch of salt, a pepper and Tabasco. Add the parsley and fennel seeds. Adjust salt and pepper. Stir well. Keep in refrigerator until ready to bring to the table.

The gazpacho can be served ice cream for those who want to try!

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