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Small strategies to avoid glucose peaks

  • Vinegar is a great blood sugar trick, consuming vinegar helps keep blood sugar lower when taken with food. Any type of vinegar works to reduce the blood sugar spike, in a serving of about a tablespoon, diluted in water

TIP take a spoonful of vinegar diluted in water before eating, this will decrease the rise in the glycemic curve by 30%

  • Eating carbohydrates alone will contribute to a higher glucose spike, but when combined with fiber and protein, blood sugar will not increase as much (this also applies to sugary snacks).

  • Salty breakfasts help since blood sugar will be constant throughout the day

  • If you practice many hours of fasting (even not eating breakfast), keep in mind that your blood sugar is primed to absorb whatever you break your fast with, so your glucose may rise if you consume carbohydrates "only" after a fast rather than if you had eaten more frequently before

  • As far as liquids go, juices typically cause big glucose spikes, unsweetened alcohol typically doesn't cause blood sugar spikes, and oat milk leads to a bigger blood sugar spike than other options of milk

  • Starting a meal with vegetables helps smooth out the glucose spike for the rest of the meal due to the fiber contained in vegetables

  • Don't forget to take a walk after your meals

Then in sport there is what is called reactive hypoglycemia..... but that's another post :)

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