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Sport Nutrition

What are the foods I should be eating, how much and when?

Are you trying to peak for your next event and don’t know how?


Are you confused about what sports supplements to take and when? 


Are you recovering from training and competition optimally? 


Are you trying to juggle your day to day work performance and sports performance? 

A Sports Nutritionist can help you get the right fuel. At the right time.

 Have you ever felt what it’s like to be fuelled and recovered optimally in your sport? 


Simply put, sports nutrition is THE vital piece of the sports performance puzzle. 


If you don’t supply your body with an optimal nutrition program for your body then you cannot expect all that hard work at your sport to pay off. Top performing athletes understand that their sports performance program is only as good as the fuel they put in.


By providing the right amounts of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients; topped off with the perfect nutrient timing regimen, sports performance nutrition can make the difference between winning and losing in competition. 


Athletes (individual)

  • Personalized nutrition planning

  • Performance management

  • Optimizing recovery

  • Preventing overtraining

  • Safe supplementation

  • Weight management and body composition

What the personalized plan includes:

“Pre-monitoring” food balance:

  • Food diagnosis before the start of follow-up (possible food deficiencies, etc.),

  • Establishment of nutritional needs according to discipline,

  • Collection of personal data: age, height, weight, work, seniority in the discipline, food tastes, sports experience ...

Establishment of a personalized food plan:

  • Taking into account the "pre-monitoring" food balance sheet,

  • Adaptation to the training schedule,

  • Food plan (s) during the chosen period,

  • Explanation of foods, their interests => large choice of variants!

  • Personalization of supplies on your races (depending on your objective, difference in level, etc.),

  • Orientation of the different eating periods ,

  • Support for the pre-, per- and post-effort periods (before, during and after) for your training and sports competitions.


Complete nutritional monitoring by email in order to answer any questions, questions, adaptation following an unforeseen event.

MY +:

  • 100% personalization on you and especially on your training program,

  • Explanation and justification for the choice of food,

  • Possibility to modify the program as needed,

  • Programs that have proven themselves with top-level and amateur athletes!

Teams and organizations

After an initial needs assessment we would build a plan that fits the needs as well as the budget.

  • Personalized nutrition plans for individuals or teams

  • A structured recovery for your team, players or athletes

  • Realistic goal setting

  • Safe supplementation

  • Prevention of overtraining (and injury)

  • Weight management and body composition

  • A solid implementation plan to optimize performance and get the most out of support staff

  • Monthly follow-up according to the calendar of the athletes and unforeseen events (fatigue, overtraining, adaptation over time to improve performance, rapid recovery from competition, injuries, increase muscle mass, hydration test).



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