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The bread for itself in many ways in all regions of Italy. Irpinia this old recipe for bread soup Ingredients

  • homemade bread, slightly stale about 300/400 gr

  • a glass of extra virgin olive oil

  • fennel or other vegetables

  • chili pepper

  • a clove of garlic

  • one liter of water

  • sale

If you have some leftover homemade bread you can pick up in the country in non-polluted areas and not on the edge of the driveway, wild fennel, choosing the most tender parts. Coglietene enough (300g).

Sauté garlic and oil in proportion to the amount 'of fennel and stale bread you want to use (2 tablespoons of oil per person, half a clove of garlic each). In the water in salted boiling cook about ten minutes possibly fennel; in the same water shed large pieces of bread that does not melt but soften, the bread must keep a certain consistency, but be all water soaked fennel. The cooking time depends on the hardness of the bread. Drain the bread and fennel and fry a few minutes previously prepared in garlic and chili oil. [Keep a bit 'of cooking water to be added in the case in transactions completed the mixture is a bit' dry]

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