In Southern Italy the tomato is the basis of many fresh dishes, and is also preserved in different forms. The tomatoes filled with bread oven or rice is a common scale.

The dish that I propose can vary according to taste. Someone enriches them with the anchovies in oil.


Dish for four people.

- 600g of tomatoes.

-A bowl full of bread soaked in water.

-A handful of capers,

-Salt, oregano and olive oil.

-A tbsp of sesame


Prepare the boats of medium-sized tomatoes, emptying well (600 gr.), The quality of the tomato is important, because in spite of the filling, the bottom feels very taste. Season each boat with bits of garlic, oregano, salt, oil, and two capers. Cook them in the oven for 10 'at 120º temperature. Prepare a stuffing with bread soaked in water (you typically use the leftovers), capers, salt, oil and oregano (if necessary, add a po`di parmesan cheese if you want a more flavorful dish). After this well-mixed dough fill the tomatoes, and cover them with a layer of sesame, better if it is black, leaving browning in the oven at about 150º, for 30 'until it has formed a crispy crust.

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