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Do you know how to combine the essential aminoacids?

Rice and beans, beans and nuts/seeds, peas and corn, potatoes and brown rice are some common food combinations that can provide a complete profile of all EAA

An interesting and excellent meal is for example the Tortilla de mais y frijoles

Perfect meal if combined with vegetables and onions. An idea could be to prepare fajitas either with meat or chicken or vegetarian version with frijoles.

The combination of corn and beans contains all the 9 essential amino acids and is a very good option for vegan and celiac people.

here the recipe: Moreover due to the high content of leucine in corn this meal is also a great post recovery food.

To get more into science (from Vitale and Hueglin, 2020) while animal-based whey protein is high in leucine and classically considered a preferential source for omnivorous athletes, soy, pea, brown rice, potato, and corn all can provide leucine requirements. However, individual plant leucine amounts vary. Due to the greater leucine content of corn, 20 g of corn protein would need to be ingested to provide 2.7 g leucine. The dose of other individual plant-based proteins would need to be increased [e.g. 33 g (potato), 37 g (brown rice), 38 g (pea), 40 g (soy)] to achieve a similar leucine content as corn). Therefore, athletes should incorporate varied plant-based sources of protein to obtain appropriate leucine and EAAs. Individual plant-based protein sources may lack adequate amounts of certain amino acids such as leucine, methionine, and lysine. The relative shortage of these amino acids may contribute to potential lower anabolic capacity of plant-based proteins compared to animal sources). Other possible reasons for lower anabolism may be due to the lower digestibility and absorption (about 10-15% lower) of plant-based proteins, greater splanchnic extraction and subsequent urea synthesis and shuttling of plant protein towards oxidation rather than MPS (muscle protein synthesis), which may be related to lower concentration of certain EAA in plant based proteins. However common food combinations e.g. rice and beans, beans and nuts/seeds [hummus], nut butter sandwiches typically are complementary and can provide a complete profile of all EAA (e.g. grains are low in lysine but high in methionine, legumes are low in methionine but high in lysine, and corn and potatoes are high in leucine).

I found pictures back in 2011 in Mexico, what a beautiful country full of diversity and culture! Without any doubt it is one of the best countries i ever visited :) Great food (not the fake European and American versions) and beers! Viva Mexico!

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