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Miso soup to avoid dehydration

Miso is a traditional dish from Japan with exceptional virtues. It comes in the form of soybean paste, fermented for a shorter or longer period. It is usually eaten in soup, as a substitute for salt or as a side dish.

Miso soup is quick to prepare. Digestible because it is gluten-free and low in lipids, it not only brings a profusion of micro-nutrients and anti-oxidants but in addition, it provides proteins that are lacking in our common vegetable soups.

Protein is essential for the maintenance of our muscles. Miso soup, all in one, can also be eaten as a main recovery meal, provided you combine it with rice (or other carbohydrates) for carbohydrate recharging.

The fermentation process used to produce it may be especially beneficial, potentially boosting digestion, aiding the immune system and helping fight disease.

Since miso does contain a decent amount of sodium, miso could be very beneficial to athletes who need to replenish their electrolyte stores. Adding to the soup a lean protein source such as salmon or tofu would make it a perfect recovery meal!

My suggestion a part from being a great post training or race recovery drink/food, is to take a bowl to keep well hydrated the night before an event, or you could try it in addition to a camelbak of water in ultra races to make sure you keep the right amount of sodium to avoid dehydration.

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