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Post-recovery snack, red fruits (antioxidants against muscle damage)

Game day, what is your favorite post game snack?

As a nutritional point of view during a season game, a red fruit cake is a very good option.

Recovery cake (carbs), with some yogurt (protein) with red fruits (antioxidants against muscle damage) as soon as possible after the finish.

Post game/training administering fruit supplementation fasten recovery and enhance athlete preparedness in-between each training session and optimize training quality. On the other hand, there are reports that antioxidants can impair training adaptation, so it is important to consider when it's necessary to take it. If the recovery time is short and you are in season, it is definitely a good option, but in case of off season might be better to suffer a little bit more an improve training adaptations

However, the effects of fruit supplements on functional performance measures are still unclear due to a limited number of studies available, warranting more research in this area.

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