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Are you confused about what sports supplements to take and when?

Sports Nutritionist, Performance Consultant

Learn how to improve your sports performance

Dr. Irene Meliciani, PhD Biochemistry/ MSc Nutrition and Dietetics
International certificate in Sports Nutrition

Spoken Languages

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Member of the German Society of Qualified Nutritional Therapists and Nutritionists - QUETHEB e. V

I am specialized in sports science which mean that I follow athlete for nutrition, but also to find strategies for performance and recovery. I work with sports team (football, basket, volley, etc..), but also with individuals (marathon, trail running and ultra marathon events, tennis, swimming, combat sports, running, ironman, triathlon, cycling and go-kart).

Why is sports nutrition important?
- Improve performance
- Avoid fatigue and overtraining
- Faster recovery
- Avoid injuries
and much more

Failing to plan, is planning to fail, for this reason to have 100% performance you have to work hard and on multiple levels, and nutrition is an important part of this.


Measure your actual muscle quality and fat percentage

  • Measure overall body fat percentage quickly and accurately

  • Measure local fat percentage in 24 different areas

  • Identify relative strength of muscles and muscle quality of 24 muscle groups


Check your vitamins D, B12, Iron and Omega3/6 status

Typical scan result

How can I help you

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for elite athletes

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For Info and Reservations

Irene Meliciani, has been working with Austin since 2021.  Kart racing is extremely demanding both mentally and physically.   Irene tunes Austin's fitness and nutrition for the highest levels of competition.

A.Lee Junior Go Kart driver

Why Alpha-Cross?
The South Cross was the star that my grandfather was following to find his way in the desert in Africa. Alpha Crucis is the brightest star of the constellation.
Alpha is also the first letter of the Greek alphabet and cross means crossing. In the context of nutrition for me this means the beginning of a new start.
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