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Walking: an optimal way for post run recovery

This time I don't want to focus on the nutritional aspect of recovery which is of course a fundamental part of the process, but more on the moving without impact which can be an useful tool as post race rehabilitation.

In trail run especially, where muscles are progressively damaged during the exercise and muscle fibres can be severely impaired.

When we think about post race event the temptation is to just sit at home and do nothing for the rest of the day/days. Walking instead as a move without impact exercise is a great active recovery method. 

But why?

The body repairs muscle damage by delivering nutrients to your muscles through the blood stream. As such, anything that can increase blood flow to your legs will help aid recovery. That’s why you should include a short walk in your recovery plans (and not just when you’re injured). A short 15-30 min walk or also aqua jogging session can make a huge difference in recovery.

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